Contract Information
CONTRACTS ARE ON SALE NOW.  For a Fall-Winter contract You need a deposit of $300 plus first and last month's rent of $770 for a total of $1070 (check or cash). For a Spring-Summer contract first and last month's rent is $360 plus $300 security deposit for a total of $660.
Call (801) 375-6212 or stop by the office if you have any other questions.
    Sp/Su: $160/mo. shared, $260/mo. private
    F/W: $385/mo. shared only.    .
Free utilities, including high speed internet. (Local phone and cable TV no longer provided)
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Office Hours
M,Th:6pm - 7pm
Or By Appointment:
Fri - Sat: By Appointment  
Contract Dates
Spring/Summer '24: Apr 27 to Aug 30 2024
Fall/Winter '24-'25:
31 AUG,'2024 to 25 APR,'2025