Belmont Rental application 
  (fill out online and print 1 copy)
2024/2025 Fall/Winter Student-Landlord agreement
  (fill out online and print 2 copies)

. Fall/Winter contracts go on sale Saturday, Feb 3rd 2024 at 9am.

Below is a checklist of things that need to be done before you come to buy a contract:


  • Belmont Rental Application form
  • 2024/2025 Fall/Winter Student-Landlord Agreement
  • House Rules Contract Addedum
-$300 security deposit, plus first and last month's rent due at signing a total of $1070.
-Copy two forms of personal id (drivers license and student id)

-If you are unable to be present you must have a representative bring your filled out contracts, a check and copied ids for you on the appropriate dates.

- If a person in your group cannot be present and has not filled out the contracts under their name it is possible to purchase a contract for them but there is a $25 transfer fee to hold the contract till they come in a transfer the contract to their name.

If you are interested in seeing an apartment please contact the manager.

Foreign nationals must make a copy of passport and visa and pay the full amount of the contract at signing.

Fall/Winter Forms

For procedures to obtaining a Belmont Apts. contract, follow the Contract Procedure .